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In January 2020, I quit...

As a teenager, I was super-talented. I thought I would hit the big time. But, eventually, that all came crashing down.

In January 2020, I quit.

I quit the sport I had lived and breathed since I was 11 years old. The sport I had represented my country for on numerous occasions. The sport I trained in 6 days a week.

I quit when I was in the best physical shape of my life...

But why? In January 2020, I experienced athlete burnout.

Something I said "No chance, that will never happen to me, I enjoy it too much."

And then it happened. And when it did, I didn't know where to turn to. Where to get help, who to talk to, what to do.

I needed to speak to other athletes who had experienced the exact same thing as me. But... there was nowhere?...

Fast forward to now and I've...

  • Graduated from the world's best sports uni, Loughborough University, as well as captaining their athletics team in 2019/20.
  • Started my own business, theathleteplace.com, the UK's leading athlete & parent guidance and support platform.
  • Been elected onto the UK Athletics Athletes Commission, the athlete voice of British Athletics.
  • Rediscovered my athletic-purpose as a pacemaker for Team GB's top heptathletes.
  • Found my calling and purpose in life, despite a number of low points and uncertainty.
Joe Fuggle smiling at desk

The lessons from sport and business have made me who I am today. And despite the low points, I wouldn't change it for the world. At 23, I am now using my experience, expertise and network to support the next generation of young athletes and entrepreneurs.

Growing up in the farming village of Wadhurst, East Sussex, I now live in Loughborough and spend my time pacemaking Team GB's leading heptathletes. As well as this, I work on changing the nature of athletics guidance and parental guidance and support.

You can get in touch via joe@theathleteplace.com or click the button below.

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